Teacher retention is key!

We know these are tough times for all of us. We know because we see it everday in the faces of our neighbors and fellow community members. We know that sometimes there just isn't enough.

Many teachers feel that their salary is not adequate enough to live on and they need to work outside of their school job to help make ends meet. About 31% of our teachers work a second job during the school year and 63% work a summer job, just to help stretch their income.

We know that a higher salary would help keep good teachers from leaving to higher paying districts. We don't want to become a revolving door!

When times were plentiful, the Board cried poverty. Now when times are tough, the salaries we need to remain competitive are well within the voter approved budget.

We go the extra mile for our students!

We know that it takes more than just books and desks to make an environment in which our students learn. We know that not every child comes to school properly dressed or fed for a day of learning. We know that every child has the potential to succeed!

So, we go the extra mile, we take from our pocket to make sure our students have the best education. This is about average what we spend a year:
26% of our teachers spend between $100 - $200
37% of our teachers spend between $200 - $400
29% of our teachers spend between $400 - $500
9% of our teachers spend above $500
(These percentages add up to 101% due to rounding up if the decimal was over 5)

Our work day isn't over...

We spend many hours preparing for the students, before and after school, in the evening and on weekends. We want our students to succeed, so we put in the extra effort. When asked, the teachers have reported that we spend the following time working on behalf of our students per week:
1 – 5 hours ~ (15%)
6 – 10 hours ~ (36%)
11 – 15 hours ~ (21%)
16 – 20 hours ~ (11%)
21 – 25 hours ~ (13%)
26 – 30 hours ~(5%)
These percentages add up to 101% due to rounding up if the decimal was over 5

The hours add up...

We live here, too!

Over 20% of our teachers pay taxes here in New Egypt and Plumsted Township, and some of us rent. We pay on the average household roughly $6,500 in taxes.

We love our community and recognize our home as a great place to raise our children. Over 21% of our teachers have children and grandchildren who are either currently attending school or are graduates. We are proud of our children!

We care about our community!

It is true! Plumsted Township Education Association members are currently involved with:

Local churches
Alcohol/Drug Alliance
Plumsted Council of the Arts
SPARK members
PTO members
CCD Program
Vacation Bible School
New Egypt MOM’S Club
Republican Club
Runs sports clinics for rec sports
Supports local fundraising (such as Scouts)
Supports and patronizes local businesses
and so much more...

Plumsted Teachers Deserve a Fair & Equitable Settlement

At our last negotiations session with the Board of Education, we believe that the last offer from the BOE was insufficient for helping retain qualified teachers.

Currently 35% of our teaching staff have less than 3 years experience, according to Department of Education records, and the average overall of our teaching experience is 7.79% placing us 29 out of 29 in Ocean County. We believe that a fair and equitable settlement would help retain qualified teachers rather than losing them to turnover.

Next Board of Education Meeting

The next Board of Education Meeting is scheduled for July 22 at 7:30pm. If we remain unsettled at that time, we respectfully ask for the community's support.

Our students are above average!

We care a great deal about our students, and it shows...our elementary and middle school students on standardized tests achieve on the average higher than their peers in similar District Factor Groups.

According to the Department of Education, when ranked with other school districts in our District Factor Group (DFG), Plumsted teachers rank 82 out of 83 districts with the lowest salary. Our students are better than average, why aren't we?

Congratulations to the Class of 2009!

Congratulations to the Class of 2009! Over 90% of this year's Seniors graduated and many are going on to post-secondary education.

On the average, a senior graduating this year saw 21 teachers at the HS level enter and leave the teaching ranks in his or her four years of high school. All but four were coaches and advisors. Higher salaries may have kept the high school from becoming a revolving door.

Welcome to our Community Page!

The Plumsted Township Education Association would like to welcome you to the Plumsted Township Community Page. Our plan is to keep you updated on all the "goings-on" in the Plumsted Township Schools. We will highlight opportunities for the community to show support for the students, staff, and any and all public education concerns.